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Southover Bonfire Society

Founded: Re-formed April 2005  Southover Bonfire Society outside their HQ
Motto: "Advance"
Headquarters: The King's Head P.H.
E-mail: sbs@bonco.org.uk
Official web site: www.southoverbs.com
Pioneer front: Priory Monks
Second pioneer front: Buccaneers

Smuggler colours: Red and black Southover's smuggler colours
Area of town represented: Southover
Firesite location: Stanley Turner Ground (access via Kingston Road). Admission is by ticket only. Tickets (on sale from early October) are available from the Kings Head, Lewes Arms, Southdown Club, St Pancras Stores and Lewes Tourist Information Office.
What makes us different from the others: This is a family and young persons' society, based in Southover.

 Southover Bonfire Society's badge