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Nevill Juvenile Bonfire Society

Founded: 1967

 Neville's smugglers carrying street fireworks
Nevill Juvenile Bonfire Society's smugglers carrying street fireworks

Motto: "We Dare"
Headquarters: St. Mary's Social Centre, Christie Road
E-mail: njbs@bonco.org.uk
Official web site: www.njbs.co.uk
Pioneer front: Valencians
Second pioneer front: Mediaeval

Smuggler colours: Green and white Guernsey, yellow neckerchief, green or green and white cap  Nevill Juvenile's smuggler colours
Area of town represented: The Nevill estate
Firesite location: The Motor Road (off Nevill Road)
What makes us different from the others: The society was originally formed by two fifteen year olds, Philip Amey and Peter Earl. This juvenile philosophy has continued with the juvenile members participating fully in all aspects of the society. The Nevill is the only juvenile society now in operation and is the only Lewes society not to hold its celebrations on the 5th November.

 Nevill's Guy in 2002   An impressive tableau of the USS Enterprise
Nevill's Guy in 2002 An impressive tableau of the USS Enterprise

 Nevill Juvenile Bonfire Society's badge