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 United We Stand

 Lewes Bonfire Council  , which acts as a forum for the town's seven Bonfire Societies, urges potential visitors to Lewes on bonfire night to consider carefully these resources:-

Lewes District Council

Sussex Police


 Roads in the town are closed, meaning that there are no parking facilities. Those using public transport are likely to find that it is very crowded and that they will have to queue for long periods before arriving in Lewes. The journey home could be even more horrendous. This can be an unpleasant experience, particularly when it is cold or raining - which is likely in November.


 Ronfire night in Lewes is particularly unsuitable for younger children who are unlikely to get a view of the celebrations and who may find the event confusing and frightening. Children in pushchairs and buggies are particularly vulnerable to injury due to the density of the crowds.


The noise and density of the crowds make the evening entirely unsuitable for pets.


Although a great deal of effort is directed into the safety aspects of Bonfire Night, fire and fireworks remain potentially dangerous. All persons should carefully note that attendance at Lewes on Bonfire Night will constitute volenti non fit injuria, that is to say you will be deemed to have accepted any risk of injury or damage whatsoever, and no claim in respect thereof will lie against the organisers.


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